Our first fellow: Carrie Figdor!

Carrie Figdor will visit the RTG Situated Cognition for the next two weeks. We are proud that she will be the first fellow of meta4e!

We have planned plenty of events with Carrie – if you happen to be in the area: join us!

  1. Carrie will give a talk on “Mental representations and mental evaluations” at our workshop “Mental Representations in a Mechanical World” (28./29. Nov) (www.meta4e.com/workshop)
  2. We will discuss her excellent book “Pieces of Mind” on Dec 3 (11-13)
  3. We will have a work-in-progress meeting on Dec 4 (14-18) where we pitch and discuss new ideas
  4. Carrie will give a talk on “Conceptual Change in Psychology” in the Research Colloquium “Philosophy meets Cognitive Science” on Dec 5 (14-16)

If you want to know more, let us know.